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What is a Mobile Friendly Website? And Why Your Business Needs One Now.

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If you haven’t gone mobile, you’re missing the mark and that’s the bottom line.  While it’s known that almost 90% of all purchasing decisions are made on the web, it’s also a fact that a constantly increasing number of those purchasers are finding your business and your website on something other than a desktop or a laptop = a mobile device.  Including iPhones, iPads, other smart phones and tablets, were are doing more and making more decisions on the go.  In fact, our society is becoming so “mobile” that Google and other search engines have devoted ranking factors specifically to how “mobile friendly” your website is.

AMP, responsive design, mobile friendly and other terms are becoming increasingly commonplace in the world of websites and you need to understand what these mean and what you are missing out on if your website isn’t up to par with the latest mobile features and trends.

What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website is an approach to website design where each webpage “responds” or resizes based on the device a user is viewing with.

Ever noticed how different websites look different on different screen sizes?  Or, have you ever gone to view a website on your phone or tablet and you can’t read or even make out what you are looking at, that’s a sign that the website you are viewing is not responsive.   And what’s your response when you can’t view what you are trying to find?  You go to the next best site and that’s exactly what your potential clients will do if they can’t view your site on their device of choice.

What is AMP?

AMP is an acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages.  These are HTML pages that take advantage of various technical approaches to prioritize speed and provide a faster experience for users by loading content almost instantaneously.  (As defined by Google)

It’s a fact that 40% of people abandon a website that takes over 3 seconds to load!  Just 3 seconds to catch your audience!  AMP is a way of optimizing the content that shows on a mobile device for a particular page and allows you to show your mobile visitors exactly what they are looking for in a faster format than a normal desktop version of a page.


What Does it Mean to be Mobile Friendly?

A Mobile Friendly website employs AMP, Responsiveness and other factors to create the optimal experience for users on a mobile device.  A mobile friendly website loads quickly and displays correctly on a variety of hand-held devices.

Google even provides a test to show if your site is mobile friendly or not.  Go ahead and check it out.  You can insert your website and Google will tell you just how “friendly” you are.

But warning – that’s not the end.  You are competing with hundreds (possible thousands, depending on your target market) of other sites to provide the best user experience possible, from desktop to mobile you need to make sure your site is meeting the needs of your clients in the fastest and most effective way possible.




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