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Meet Our Team

As a boutique website design and SEO firm, we keep our circle small – working with the very best of the best and assuring you receive personalized and professional website services with one-on-one attention to your specific project needs.  Our backbone is a 2-man team with high-profile international experience in website design and maintenance, SEO and digital marketing.  Together we have over 20 years in this business and have designed some of the top websites in real estate, education, travel and more.

So why are we here?  Our hearts are in Western North Carolina, so we believe our business should be too.  Read on for a short introduction to our two team leaders:

Amanda Jennings

website design and seo in north carolina

Co-Founder and Creative Director/SEO, Content Planning and Digital Marketing Genius

Amanda is Georgia-born and has spent most of her adult life in the Carolinas.  A graduate of Georgia Southern University, and starting her career in Hilton Head and then Charleston, South Carolina, she has lived in Brevard, North Carolina for the past 4 years.  With a background in real estate marketing and coming into the market at the pit of the crash, Amanda quickly learned that the web was the way to go.  Working on various projects in the Carolinas, Amanda has been responsible for rebuilding and rebranding websites for a number of companies.  A digital marketing and SEO expert, Amanda is a whiz at content planning, copywriting, social media management and all things SEO.  Previously the Digital Marketing Manager and Managing Editor for a large family of digital magazines and real estate websites, she knows how to keep a site on top for Google and write and design to drive site traffic and generate leads.

Amanda currently lives in Brevard, North Carolina with her 4 year old daughter and husband. She enjoys walking, wine, cheese, cooking, reading and writing and spending time with her family.  Her heart is in Brevard and she is proud to call this charming little town her home and looks forward to raising her daughter in one of the most enchanting places on earth.


Bowman  Kelley

Co-Founder and Lead Web Developer

Bowman is from England where he was educated at Eton College and the University of Cambridge, where he read Modern and Medieval Languages. He likes to think of code as just another type of language and he speaks French and Italian and reads/writes Spanish and can order a 5-course meal in both German and Turkish. On the code side, he is well-versed in PHP/MySQL, can work CSS and HTML like a champion and sometimes wishes that Flash was still viable. His working background ostensibly began in New York City in the mid-1990s where he worked for a boutique ad agency as Technical Director. The firm’s clients included Nickelodeon, New Line Cinema, Mercedes-Benz and General Mills. After having a family, he moved to Memphis, Tennessee when offered a job teaching Digital Art and running all the systems at Memphis College of Art. While there, he completed freelance web development jobs for the Indie Memphis Film Festival, the New York Student Exchange Program and the Memphis College of Art itself. (Nepotism? Sure but…)

Currently based in Asheville, NC, Bowman enjoys cooking, reading, playing bass in loud bands, and wrangling his 11 and 15 year-old children, who become more challenging with each setting sun. He wouldn’t trade places with anybody.