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Google’s New Mobile First Index & What You Need to Know

  This Just In – Google is rolling out a new “Mobile First Index” and this could be BIG for your website and your business in Western North Carolina. First, if you don’t have a mobile version of your website you should. And, if you need to know why – just read our post on […]


What is a Mobile Friendly Website? And Why Your Business Needs One Now.

If you haven’t gone mobile, you’re missing the mark and that’s the bottom line.  While it’s known that almost 90% of all purchasing decisions are made on the web, it’s also a fact that a constantly increasing number of those purchasers are finding your business and your website on something other than a desktop or […]


Penguin 4.0 – Google’s Latest Update and What You Need to Know

Last month, Google rolled out its most recent search engine algorithm update. Dubbed Penguin 4.0 (if you aren’t familiar with SEO, Google usually names its  updates a cute little animal name “Penguin”, “Panda”, you get it.), Gary Illyes of Google says this is one of the smoothest updates Google has ever rolled out, meaning: little […]